If you just want to be shocked that “I worked right through lunch” then try this formula. Take in the morning or before meals to cut appetite, and allow you to have the stamina to get projects done without normal hunger cravings. It does not keep you from eating, but they do amazingly bolster

Great for calorie counters. It really does help with curbing cravings. It's also great for those who don’t need help with energy but want to control their eating habits.

African Mango

The fruit is native to tropical West African forests. The Ellagic acids it contains helps regulate blood sugar and lower total cholesterol to ideal conditions for weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean

Its not quite the coffee you’re use to but still packs a punch. The primary active component is Chlorogenic Acids which antioxidants, anti inflammatory, and antihypertensive. This is a good clean source of caffeine and has also been shown to normalize blood sugar spikes.

Tongkat Ali

This herb brings balance to the table. When losing weight your body chemistry will cause your emotions to be all over the place. Tongkat Ali acts as a hormonal balancer and also is know to assist in boosting testosterone in men.

White Kidney Bean Extract

These are not your average beans. White Kidney Bean Extract prevents certain bonds in carbohydrates to not break down which helps with curbing the of cravings. It also promotes diversity of healthy bacteria (microflora). Gut microflora species richness and diversity, when positive, is the single most important component of weight loss and systemic health.



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